www.customWEBmaker.com Help Cerebral Palsy Kids Corporation is an IRS 501c3 non-profit corporation created in 2005 to assist in the supportive needs of motor disabled children and families.  Some names more commonly used are "Cerebral Palsy,"  "Brain- injured" or "Severely Multiply Impaired".    We must say, the most accepted buzzword for these children and adults does not matter as much as the support, education and care these individuals need each and every day of their lives.  Today there is much economic distress in the world for the average family.  Have you ever stopped to think how today’s average family struggles with life.  Now add a child who can not do for themselves?  These children and families are lacking opportunity because of a brain injury which does not allow their muscles to physically work the same as everyone else.  Most people with cerebral palsy can live and enjoy life just like everyone else IF they have the proper equipment and education.  Isn’t this the same for every child?  With the proper education and resources, greatness can be achieved!  Why should this not be an option because a person was born with muscles which work differently than the average person?   This is the reason we keep our drive and dedication everyday.   Support Disabled Kids! Your donation is goes toward helping children and families with cerebral palsy. We provided educational support, communication technology assistence, therapy and specialized care programs.